PANdrive Cable

The developing of the PANdrive product line is seeing constant progress. Currently in focus is the cable enabling connection between PUCK and BOX. The cable is specifically designed and manufactured to meet TRINAMICs specification.


PUCK side

The cable has 4 single wires of 0.5 mm2 ~ AWG 20. Including isolation, the outer diameter is 1.5 mm each. A rather compact and low profile connector is needed, because of the limited space inside PUCK enclosure.
In addition to the 4 single wires, the cable also offer 4 pairs of twisted wires – each pair shielded (foil) separately. These wires are 0.14 mm2 ~ AWG 25/26.

BOX side

According to current planning, a high density 15pin D-SUB male connector will be used on BOX side of the cable (or for possible extension cables).

Cable characteristics

The different cables are used for data transmission. Two pairs are used for either RS485 (up to 1 Mbit/s) or CAN (up to 1 Mbit/s) from BOX to PUCK electronics and back again. The other two pairs are designated for the PANlink I/O extension point-to-point link bi-directional communication interface. For all bus and link systems differential transmission is used. The cable between PUCK and BOX can be up to 15 m.

Good Morning on SPS/IPC/Drives Exhibition in Nuremberg

SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg opens in this moment and we show some of our beautiful smart motors drives and the PANdrive HMI on TRINAMICs booth. Visit us in Hall 1, Booth 555 this week, or ask for a meeting slot with a TRINAMIC FAE.

Just a few months to go until we go to full production with our new single cable line of sensOstep PANdrives and a lot more. Looking forward to getting lots of interesting feedback here.

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HM with drive velocity gauges

PANdrive HMI design finished

Not one day too late to show our HMI (Human Machine Interface ) device on SPS/IPC/Drives 2014 in Nuremberg we have finished the design of our beautiful embedded PCs with integrated multitouch display to control and montior your application via CAN, RS485 or EtherCAT. We are working hard to fine tune the software to present it to you on the show.

Just a few day to go and we will have the mounted devices on our desk.

See the PANdrive HMI and several drives in operation on the TRINAMIC Booth on SPS/IPC/Drives November 25-27 in Nuremberg in Hall 1, Booth 555.

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Advanced S-Shaped Ramping Profiles

Thanks to TRINAMICS advanced dedicated motion controller even the smallest PANdrives will be capable of advaced jerk limitating S-Shaped and rapid movement sixPoint ramping profiles.

Advanced S-Ramp Profiles

Advanced S-Ramp Profiles

For high speed positioning as well as for handling of jerk sensitive goods or objects with extensive inertia sinusoidal (S-shaped) ramping profiles might be necessary. TRINAMIC sinusoidal rampform motion controllers allow for an alteration of all motion parameters on the fly.

sixPont Ramping Profile

sixPont Ramping Profile

TRINAMICs advanced sixPoint™ ramping profile allows for faster positioning by adding a free configurable start stop frequency to a linear motion profile plus adding a reduced acceleration value at high velocity to reduce the jerk at the end of standard acceleration ramp.

With regards to faster positioning this profile can be even better than sinusoidal ramping.

CANopen PANdrive

CANopen Protocol Implemented

More and more applications in industrial automation require proven and standardized fieldbus and protocol – so we decided to implement CAN with CANopen from the very beginning.

Standardized CANopen protocol

Besides the proven and easy to use TMCL protocol we will make use of TRINAMICs long experience with implementing the CIA402-device profile for embedded motion control solutions.

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PANdrive Cable Arrived

To allow for a single cable Design for various drives including leading edge 2-phase stepper servos we had to design our own integrated bus and power cable.

The PANdrive cable is thin enough to be used even for NEMA11 drives and smaller and still has power leads and a full Ethernet Cable integrated to support even EtherCAT realtime bus. Continue reading